The City is Stumbling, Deliciously

The City is Stumbling, Deliciously
Coloured pencil on MDF with dictionary pages

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Newland House exhibition

The Newland House exhibition in Twickenham has been brought forward! The organiser had an artist cancel on him, and he rang me up in a frenzy asking if I could bring my coloured pencil show forward a month! Therefore it is now on and runs until the end of January. Thankfully I was prepared enough to be able to get everything finished and framed within 3 days notice!
So far it has gone fantastically well. I have sold 5 drawings and had 4 commissions on top of that, which is keeping me extremely busy especially as coloured pencil work takes a long time to complete. I hope it carries on as well as it has been.

I have also been fortunate enough to have a few customers buy most of my Fractured work. My studio is looking very empty!  I have also been asked to do a few commissions too on top of the sales.

I have been beginning some new work now, hoping to get more stock in. Here is the first of a new 'batch'

It is called 'Two at Sea'. Acrylic on chunky canvas. 70cm x 50cm. It is priced at £500.

The next one I have yet to decide upon a theme! Maybe fish. However, I need to begin work on drawings for the UKCPS 10th Anniversary Exhibition. Which is going to be held at the prestigious Westminster Gallery, opposite the cathedral and Houses of Parliament. I intend to do a series of London buildings in my Fractured style, starting with the Millennium Wheel. It's going to be quite large scale and offset/abstract. I can't wait to get started!
Happy New Year to everybody!


  1. Tiffany, I discovered you and your work through Derwent's tweet about the commission you did for their new Coloursoft tin. Your paintings and drawings are beautiful. I'm especially partial to your florals. I've added a link to your blog at mine.

  2. Thank you Cheryl! What a lovely message. Thank you for the link too. xxx