The City is Stumbling, Deliciously

The City is Stumbling, Deliciously
Coloured pencil on MDF with dictionary pages

Friday, 12 February 2010

Derwent Competition- 2nd Place

I entered another Derwent Competition last month to recreate Ashness Bridge in Derwent, for the new Artists Pencils tin.
As I have just had another one of my drawings (St Pauls) put on the packaging for Pastel Blocks, I wasn't particularly confident getting anywhere.
However, I am pleased to announce that I got second place and as my prize, a box of 72 Artists pencils. I can't wait to use them!
The winner, Malcolm Cudmore's image was truly beautiful, and was my outright favourite of the entries. Well Done Malcolm!
When I draw a traditional scene, I do like to add a modern twist to it.
Hope you all like it! The original is now for sale for £200, and it is framed.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Spring Fair

This week has been good, albeit with a horrid cold and cough..... they always drag on a bit longer as you get older, don't you find?!

On Tuesday I popped up to the Spring Fair at the NEC, Birmingham, to see my agents and a publisher. The Spring Fair is a huge yearly show which showcases new art releases, cards and homewares. It is thoroughly inspirational.

I came back with a list of work to do for my tile agent, Fiesta Collectables. I saw a new development of coasters with my paintings on. I think this'll be really exciting. They reproduce the work directly onto plastic, which I think is called decron. Once I have a couple, for my portfolio, I will post some photos on here.

I also saw my licencing agent Image By Design. We discussed some ideas, and my fingers are now itching to get going!

As a member of the Fine Art trade Guild, I attended a seminar at the fair hosted by Colin Ruffell, a well established and successful artist. He discussed the artist's role in the art industry. Which in conclusion, established that we are very important! Without us, there would be no publishers, galleries, greeting cards, and of course, paintings! I felt a warm glow.....!

I have also produced a new acrylic painting- 'In Flight'. It is 50cm x 50cm on a chunky canvas.

All this, and four exhibitions to sort out, a gorgeous little girl to raise and a house to run. And you know what? I wouldn't want it any other way!!