The City is Stumbling, Deliciously

The City is Stumbling, Deliciously
Coloured pencil on MDF with dictionary pages

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Obsessing with pastels!

I have been painting for a long time now, and acrylic used to be my favourite medium. However, I have recently become obsessed with hard and soft pastels! I guess a lot of it is to do with the fact that I demonstrate in them, but also I just love the vibrancy of colour they achieve. I can get lots of details and smoothness of texture within the painting. And as I have been seeing with my sales, people do like to buy pastel paintings, which then leaves the decision of how to frame with themselves. I can charge a little less for pastels, as I can create them quite quickly. The pastels I use mainly are Derwent pastel blocks and pastel pencils. (which are great if you don't like mess) They are hard and chalky. However, I invested in some Sennelier pastels recently, which are incredibly soft and these produce a very different look and feel. They also disappear quite fast and create a lot of dust. One way I try and keep dust down, is to use my trusty Colourfix paper, which I have mentioned before. It is like a smooth sandpaper and the pastels stick to them really well.
I have been building up my unframed pieces for my exhibition at Cranleigh Arts Centre. I have enough framed, but wanted to have quite a few unframed.
Mountain Range. £180

Seeds of Love- Now SOLD

Autumn Hills- Now SOLD

Two out of the three have already sold, so I guess that has proved my point about people liking pastels!!

I am exhibiting six small Fractured paintings at The Inchmore Gallery, Inverness from the 19th November. This is part of a large collaboration with other artists to create CD sized pieces which are 'handy' for hanging!
This is a selection of what I submitted. They have since asked me to exhibit some 'normal' sized paintings next year, which I am thrilled about.

Tomorrow I will be at the Retail Therapy Fair, Ramada Hotel, East Horsely, Surrey where I will be selling my name paintings and many unframed original fine art paintings. I hope to see lots of people getting in the festive spirit!

One more painting which I have literally just completed, is based on Mother and Child, an age old subject and theme. And seeing as it is my daughters 4th birthday today, I guess I was feeling all motherly!! This is also in pastels.

And the last bit of news, is that I have been included in the new SAA Magazine November edition. (Society for All Artists), where I am introduced as a professional artist! It looks great and I'm chuffed to bits with it. The nicest thing is that when I do my art demonstrations, people have come up and told me they saw me in it!! Excellent publicity for me, so thank you SAA!!

So, that's all for now! See you all again in December. Love, Tiffany. xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New paintings and a workshop

Last Saturday I undertook a workshop for people who wanted to learn how to create my Fractured style of painting, using pastels. It was in Wokingham, and had a nice group of 8 people. We all brought lunch and a mug so we didn't starve and could be refuelled with tea and coffee when necessary!
I started the workshop by explaining how I came about creating this style of work, and began my own piece of bottles and glasses on a rough paper called Coloursoft. This paper feels like a sandpaper, but smoother. Enough for the pastel to stick to and it makes the colour 'zing'. I brought a selection of smaller pieces of this paper for the students to use, which they did. I showed them how to work each section as an individual area and working out each line and light direction.
I hope they all enjoyed the day and they created some truly wonderful artwork. Isn't that frog brilliant?!
Here are some of the paintings they did, and also a great group shot!

I obviously didn't get my piece completed as I was helping everyone with their own piece, so have just now finished my pastel painting.
After Hours- Derwent Pastels and Pencils. 50cm x 36cm.

Every year, when Autumn arrives, I inevitably create an Autumnal painting showing the wonderful colours that are out there. This year I have created a painting using acrylic on a chunky canvas.
Autumnal Tree Leaves. 60cm x 50cm
At the end of the month I have this years Oxshott Art and Crafts Society exhibition. I am exhibiting 3 framed paintings and 3 unframed paintings. It is being held at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Surrey from the 31st October until the 6th November. Come and pay a visit! (even if you just want to try the delicious wine they produce there!) These are the framed paintings I am exhibiting.
Bubbles. 40cm x 20cm Acrylic on chunky canvas. £110

RHS Wisley Watercolour. £150

That's Raced to the Boundary. Pastel. £220

Monday, 3 October 2011

Holidays and a rest....

Holidays are priceless, they are there for us to enjoy the sun, family, fun and a change of pace, and mine was no exception. The 3 of us go away with my lovely in laws most years, and I waited 18 months for this one, and boy I needed it! It wasn't so much relaxing - I mean with a very active 3 year old, the word relax doesn't pop up in my daily life anymore- but it was fun. Lots of swimming and sandcastles built, and time to step away from my artwork and think about things.
Before we went through customs at Gatwick airport, I managed to get a brief visit in to The Beehive, Wetherspoons pub to take a look at my paintings. They were there, in their full glory, framed and with a neat little biography underneath each one!! It truly was the perfect start to my holiday.

You can probably tell how chuffed I was from my cheesy grins in these photos!! I thought the framing they chose was spot on and where they were positioned was also great. Thank you Wetherspoons! I can help again! lol!

Now back, and sort of rested, I am planning more projects and exhibitions. The first is a group show- Oxshott Art and Craft Society, at Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking which starts on the 31st October and runs until the Sunday same week. I will be showing 3 Fractured paintings and a couple of unframed ones too. Pop along, it's a great day out! And Denbies sell the most delicious wine....I also got married there, so it has a special place in my heart.

The next exhibition is a biggie! I have booked Cranleigh Arts Centre, Cranleigh, near Guildford from the 11th January 2012 until the 28th, all to myself!! It is called 'Fracturing the Flow' and will consist of at least 20 Fractured paintings and drawings. I am extremely excited about it, and hope you can all pay a visit during that time. I am also hoping that I won't be snowed out/in!! I will post more information about it as it gets nearer, but I am sure it'll creep up on!
Fracturing the Flow- with The Swallows Flight as image.

Being an artist is a constant battle, especially in these austere times. Some months are wonderfully busy, with lots of sales, and some can be extremely quiet, and it's the quiet ones when I start organising new things! I guess it's all swings and roundabouts!! (and not just in the literal sense for me either!!)
Thanks for reading!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Gatwick commission

Walkway to the skies
Things are once again busy for me, which is great.
I had a phone call out of the blue about a month ago from a gentleman who wanted to commission me two large paintings for a new Wetherspoons pub based in the South Terminal at Gatwick airport. I obviously jumped at the chance! The only downside was that they had to be completed in 3 weeks! That was pushing it, but I knew I could just about manage it...with a few late nights involved!
He wanted the paintings in my Fractured style, something, he said, that was exactly what he was looking for! The pub, was to be called The Beehive. Based on one of the first ever departure terminal buildings in the UK. It is very Art Deco in style, and wonderful building.
This is what The Beehive building looks like now.
I was sent numerous photos, style boards and plans from the buildings architects, and from that began to sketch out ideas for the painting.
Both paintings are 1.1m x 1m and 1.2m x 90cm respectively. And varnished for protection.
'Fracturing the Beehive'
The pub is opening on the 30th August, on landside. I'm due to go in September so will hopefully see them up then!!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Results are in!

It's that time of year now, where results from the competitions I have entered start to dribble in!
I was unsuccessful in the deckchair competition and the Battle Contemporary art fair this time, however I was pleased to find out that 2 of my coloured pencil drawings were accepted into this years UKCPS exhibition which is being held in Westminster. The Millennium Wheel and The Gherkin (topical, yes) were chosen. I painted these in Derwent Coloursoft Pencils on Fabriano Artistico paper. That paper I find to be very resilient to layers of pencil, and it's also very smooth, which is what I am after.
Millennium Wheel

The Gherkin
These will be hung and I will also be able to sell some greeting cards. I will be attending the show (dates to be confirmed) where I will be demoing this style of work. It'll be great to see everything hung altogether!

I am still waiting for results of the Hahnemule Calender watercolour competition, but there were ALOT of entries, so I don't think I'll be in the running. This is the painting I submitted.
I tried to make it stand out and as bright and colourful as I could!!

Now, I am a bit of a cricket nut. I used to play until I fell pregnant. (not a good idea to run around chasing after a very hard ball if you are) but I was bitten by the bug and watch all the England games I can.
This is my homage to Jonathon Trott, one of our finest batsman at present. I tried to evoke the movement of the bat and swing which I think works quite well with my Fractured technique. I hope you like it! I completed it in Derwent chalk pastels on black pastel paper.
Jonathon Trott playing in a one day International.
One last thing. I have a wonderful client who keeps coming back for more paintings for her lovely house. She is a fan of my floral collage paintings and she commissioned me to paint a pink tulip to co ordinate with her armchairs. This is the painting in situ, and it looks great!! It was completed in acrylic with tissue paper collage in the background, and is 80cm square on a chunky canvas.

I am now undertaking a very big commission, which I cannot say too much about until next week! It's certainly keeping me busy.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Preview of Gallery in the Square, Usk, Wales

Last week was very busy! But all good. I travelled down to Wales the Wednesday before the opening to deliver 15 paintings to David. The journey was nice and traffic free.....which can't be said for Fridays journey back down for the Preview Evening! I left at 2.30pm and got to the gallery at 6pm, just in time!
I was greeted by David, the other two lovely artists joining me in the show, a press photographer and the Mayor of Usk!
The evening was wonderful. I had a fantastic response from the invited guests, especially for my Fractured work, which pleased me no end! They all wanted to know the technique and development of the pieces and seemed very intrigued.
I was fortunate enough to meet a couple who were just about to purchase one of the Fractured paintings. We discussed it in finer detail, and then they went ahead and bought it. There's nothing like seeing a red dot on the ticket under the painting!
I left the gallery just after 8 and had a great journey back collapse!
The exhibition is on for 6 weeks, and I left another couple pondering over another piece. I hope they go for it!
In front of some of my floral and Fractured paintings.

More work in the gallery.

This is the painting that sold. 'In Flight'. 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Gallery in the Square

Here is the official invite to the Preview evening at the gallery.
Hope some of you can make it!

Meanwhile, I have been creating a new painting, something that has been in my mind for a while!
Flame Runner
It is a biggie! 100cm x 50cm in acrylic. I hope to evoke a feeling of movement and running. What do you think?!

A short and sweet blog today, there will be more to come soon!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Exhibitions and Roses....

It's this time of year that submissions deadlines for art exhibitions and competitions are looming. And I have had quite a few to apply for! As a member of the UKCPS, I submitted 5 pieces of work to their Annual Exhibition, which this year is being held at Westminster Hall, London to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. Count Faber-Castell will be attending as well as many other sponsors. I really hope to get in, and enjoy the show.
The other entries I have submitted for are:- Battle Contemporary Art Fair and Hahnemuhle Calendar Competition. I have always found, the more you enter to more opportunities open for you.
There was also a quirky little competition to design a deckchair design for Hastings Stade. I thought my Fractured fished would work well, as it is a seaside theme, and very colourful. Again, it's a waiting game!

Deckchair Fishes
The most exciting news I have had was an invitation to exhibit at Gallery in the Square, Usk, Wales. I donated a painting for a charity auction about 5 years ago to the owner, and he has now come back to invite me to his gallery to exhibit proper! I am taking 16 paintings, half Fractured and half Floral on the 6th July, with the show opening with a preview evening on the 8th July. I have my Premier Lodge room booked for the night!! I'm really looking forward to having such a large number of paintings on show.
Crummock Water- Lake District

Poetic Iris
I have also been busy creating a new collection of work for my agent. I am a fan of flowers, as you know, and what they requested was a romantic, ethereal feel to the work, which will eventually (and hopefully) be used for table mats, napkins and prints.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing these, and I have been asked for more.

Next week, I will be on holiday. My brother in law is getting married and we all have wedding duties in this household!! I can't wait. Ta ta for now!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sorry it's been so long!

I believe Blogger has had some problems in the last couple of weeks, and managed to lose 3 hours work on here! I think it's back now, so let's try again!
Once again, times are busy....just how I like it.
I have had a couple of exhibitions, both local. One was in Weybridge at the beginning of this month, and one before that at Oxshott Art and Craft Society. I gained a Highly Commended for my coloured pencil drawing The Cutlery Drawer.
And this was the set up for the Weybridge show.....
Footfall was low, due to the wonderful weather, however I did sell a tulip lino cut, which I believe is being sent across the pond to the USA. Nice to know I'm going far and wide!!

On Thursday 19th May I was fortunate enough to have an invite to attend Parliament! I am a member of the Crohns and Colitis Association and I donated some artwork to them as a thank you, for their reports and publicity. I wanted to evoke a feeling of isolation and pain when suffering with this disease within the workplace. This is the painting I came up with.
The reason I was invited to Westminster, was that I was informed that my work was used on a big report about IBD in the workplace. This was being presented at a launch to Parliament by Lord Prescott. Carrie Grant (Fame Academy and voice coach) was also there as she is an ambassador for the NACC. She also, like me suffers from Crohn's Disease. I was fortunate enough to meet them, as well as Lord Prescott's daughter in law Roz, who was really lovely! Here is a photo I took of them holding up the report. I am also hoping Prescott's son will send me a photo of me and John Prescott too! Let's hope he remembers!
Lord Prescott, Carrie Grant, Roz Prescott and David Grant.

My last bit of news was my appearance in Artist and Illustrators Magazine....well, on an advert at least kindly used by Derwent. All good publicity eh?!

Monday, 28 March 2011

New Derwent Coloursoft Collection

Derwent have been really busy coming up with new and exciting products this year!
Recently they released a wonderful new product using their best selling Coloursoft Pencils. They have called it the Coloursoft Collection, which includes all the tools you'd need to create a perfect drawing!
I was fortunate enough to be commissioned to do a set of three pencil images based on my glass drawings, which I love to do, for the tin lid. Of course I jumped at the chance!

This is the finished lid, and doesn't it look smart?! And inside are these goodies....

What more could you ask for?! Putty rubber, sandpaper, eraser, blender, paper blender, burnisher and a pencil sharpener and 28 pencils. Fantastic for using out and about.....which I have done!

Here is a more detailed set of drawings which were commissioned.....

And this drawing is being used in the leaflet inside......I call it Red Glass.

So a HUGE thank you to Derwent for giving me this wonderful commission! I highly recommend trying out Coloursoft's, they are vibrant, creamy and really blendable. Really, really lovely to work with.
Go get buying!!!