The City is Stumbling, Deliciously

The City is Stumbling, Deliciously
Coloured pencil on MDF with dictionary pages

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The run up to Christmas!

I love this time of year! It's a real mix of rushing around, excitement (especially from my 3 year old) and exhaustion!
I have been busy planning for a solo exhibition, which starts next month at Newlands House School, Twickenham. They have recently built a proper gallery onto the school, and they have invited me to do a one man show, starting on the 31st January for a whole month! One of the requests I have had for this, is the sale of small 'pocket money' sized artwork. I am using coloured pencil for these, and have created a few images which the children visiting may like to purchase.

These drawings are all 6 x 4 postcard sized. I also have a larger selection of drawings for the parents to purchase, should they wish of course!!

I have also been fortunate enough to be selected to have about 6 paintings displayed at UHNS Maternity Hospital. These are printed onto perspex, which enables thorough cleaning which is of course highly important in hospitals. The Art Bay Gallery, who represents my work, made this possible.
These are the paintings in situ.

I have various other projects on the go, and am looking forward to a break at Christmas!
On this note, please let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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